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Top 10 Things to Consider When Selecting an Attorney to Help Patent Your InventionLexology (registration)General practice firms may have one or more patent attorneys, while specialty firms (such as Workman Nydegger) focus specifically on patents and other intellectual property (IP) matters. Don't hesitate to shop around to find the right fit. Many people …and more »
Daily Report (registration)
Parker Poe Lands Bonds Pro from Eversheds Sutherland—and Other 'On the Move' NewsDaily Report (registration)Nichols is the first transactional lawyer that Parker Poe has recruited for the office, which launched with three IP litigators from McGuireWoods and Workman Nydegger and another litigator, A. Todd Sprinkle, from Parker Poe's Charlotte office. Several …
Avoiding Divided Infringement in Method of Treatment ClaimsLexology (registration)Pharmaceutical companies often enforce patents involving methods of treatment under a theory of inducement. This typically requires a showing that a single party performed all the method steps, thereby directly infringing the claim(s), and that the …
Non-Statutory Double Patenting Rejections and Terminal DisclaimersLexology (registration)Patent applicants who are seeking to broadly protect an invention will often file multiple patent applications on the same invention, each application having claims of different scope. In this case, a non-statutory double patenting rejection may be …
What is Patent Scope and Why Should You Care? Because Hogs Get Slaughtered—That's Why.Lexology (registration)You came up with what is in your estimation the next best invention. For the purposes of illustration, let's say your invention is a car that boasts a 0–60 mph time of less than 4.0 seconds. The key to your invention is a V-8 engine combined with a …
UPDATE: Disney et al v. VidAngelLexology (registration)Disney et al v. VidAngel, currently before the Central District Court of California, is a case to watch. VidAngel has expressed an intention to fight this matter to the U.S. Supreme Court, if possible, to push the courts and legislature to bring …
Do Drawings Really Need to Show Every Feature of the Invention?Lexology (registration)A patent application will sometimes be rejected in view of drawing objections. One type of drawing objection is based on a claim reciting a particular feature (e.g., feature 'x') that is not explicitly shown in the drawings. For instance, an Office …and more »
Rethinking Use of Markush-Type Claiming StructureLexology (registration)Many patent practitioners will be familiar with use of Markush-type claim limitations, particularly in the chemical arts, although Markush-type claim limitations are sometimes used in other fields as well. Although Markush-type claims have often been …
Disney et al v. VidAngelLexology (registration)Monday, December 12, 2016, U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. released an order granting a preliminary injunction against VidAngel of Provo, UT in favor of film studios owned by Disney, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox (collectively “the Studios”).and more »
Recent Strengthening of Motivation to CombineLexology (registration)Under patent law, two of the most well-known and critical standards to obtaining a patent are novelty and non-obviousness. Obviousness is defined under 35 U.S.C. 103, which states that “[a] patent for a claimed invention may not be obtained, … if the ...and more »
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