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Main Office: St. Louis
Participating Offices: St. Louis; Washington, D.C.
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Cannabis companies: Think twice about 'Alternative Public Offerings'JD Supra (press release)As many cannabis industry watchers know, one of the primary challenges still facing cannabis businesses is access to capital, as we have discussed previously on Tracking Cannabis. Heavy regulation in the industry and restrictions limiting traditional ...
Your trademarks now can (but needn't) be offensiveJD Supra (press release)If you want to — though we don't encourage it — you can now disparage ethnic groups in your federally registered trademarks. Indeed, the Supreme Court has unanimously given you a constitutional right to select, and obtain government imprimatur for, ...Opinion - Supreme Court of the United StatesSupreme Court of the United Statesall 277 news articles »
AG Sessions seeks repeal of Rohrabacher-Farr AmendmentJD Supra (press release)Since the new Presidential administration took office late last year, the cannabis industry has received a mixed set of signals from this administration as to how it will treat the growing cannabis industry in relation to the Controlled Substances Act …Becerra Says Sessions Should 'Worry About His Own Problems,' Not MarijuanaThe RecorderSessions Asks Congress To Undo Medical Marijuana Protections - ScribdScribdJeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providersWashington PostMassroots -Quinnipiac University Poll -Congress.govall 154 news articles »
Why a sweepstakes could seriously boost your customer surveysJD Supra (press release)If you have visited a restaurant, hotel, department store, grocery store, or other retail business, you probably have seen messages like these on the back of the receipt you received for your purchase. These are only a few of the titles of the growing …
Secured creditors bewareJD Supra (press release)A series of cases decided by the federal district court in Chicago holds that a properly perfected secured creditor can waive its right of priority in collateral in favor of a judgment lien creditor if it fails to properly act against its collateral …
The Christian Times
Supreme Court clarifies definition of 'church plan' under ERISAJD Supra (press release)The Supreme Court on June 5, 2017, unanimously held that a benefits plan administered by an entity that is associated with a church and has as its principal purpose the administration or funding of that plan is a “church plan” exempt from ERISA, even …Advocate Health Care Network v. Stapleton - Supreme Court of the United StatesSupreme Court of the United Statesall 30 news articles »
Newest criminal spoofing case features coordinated spoofing, front runningJD Supra (press release)On Thurs., June 1, the Justice Department entered into a plea agreement with a trader named David Liew, publicly revealing the existence of the third-ever criminal spoofing case, which had been filed under seal on Jan. 3. In the plea agreement, Liew ...
Clarifying the status of Gainful Employment and Borrower Defense to RepaymentJD Supra (press release)As REGucation readers know, Thompson Coburn's Higher Education Practice has covered both GE and BDR in great detail. Last Friday, the Department published two separate notices in the Federal Register impacting these rules. The first notice announced ...
JD Supra (press release)
Fair use blocks out copyright claim over LeBron's tattooJD Supra (press release)fair-use-ink-blog Courtside questions: Is it fair or foul to show a player's tattoo in a video game? LeBron James is a talented individual: three-time NBA Champion; 13-time NBA All-Star. And he gave a more than respectable performance playing himself …
Life insurance planning for the business ownerJD Supra (press release)Life insurance is an effective tool that business owners can use to provide liquidity at their passing for both their businesses and their families. Having a properly drafted buy-sell agreement is key to avoiding conflict and memorializing how life …
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