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Main Office: National
Participating Offices: Chicago; Costa Mesa, CA; Frankfurt; Hamburg; Hong Kong; London; Los Angeles; Menlo Park, CA; Munich; New York; Newark, NJ; Paris; San Diego; San Francisco; Tokyo; Washington, D.C.
AveryIndex Popularity: #18 out of 795
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 grades + personality
45 people found this comment useful.
Comment by: Grace Posted: November 7, 06
I would say the most important thing to getting hired is your grades. Personality is a close second. Workaholic-playaholics will love it!
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 Great, but still a law firm
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Comment by: Guy Posted: November 25, 06
About the best you can do if you want to go to a big law, funny people but still very hard working
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 not for everyone
14 people found this comment useful.
Comment by: Ron Posted: November 14, 06
it's a great firm but not for everyone. they've done a lot to make life better but it's still big law and still a law firm. it seems like most people leave or want to leave. a few love it.
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 Hated it...
Comment by: Jack Posted: November 4, 06
A good friend of a good friend worked there and absolutely hated it - eventually quit. But, he was into family and maybe it's not the place for people like that. Type-A, social butterfly, single, driven people probably will like it better.
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