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Main Office: New York
Participating Offices: New York; Washington, D.C.
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Ratings principally based on over 6,500 associate surveys (3rd-5th years). See The American Lawyer's 2006 Midlevel Associates Survey.

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The American Lawyer
Entertainment Matters: Belafonte Settles with King HeirsThe American LawyerEdward Colbert, an IP partner with Kenyon & Kenyon in New York who pronounces his last name with a hard "T," unlike the softer French pronunciation preferred by his younger brother Stephen, did not respond to a request for comment about The Late ...
When two become one – the complications of joint mark ownershipWorld Trademark Review (subscription)However, speaking to the Mail on Sunday newspaper, Jonathan Reichman, a partner at Kenyon & Kenyon, which represents DC and Marvel, responded: “We recognise that people use the word 'superhero' in the English language. It's only when people try to ...and more »
Bristows | The Smartphone Wars: Enter a New 'FRAND Generation'?Linex Legal (press release) (registration)Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Patents 2014, (published in March 2014; contributing editor:Frank L Bernstein, Kenyon & Kenyon LLP) For further information please ...
Apple Stuck With Norton Rose Fulbright In AIA ReviewLaw360 (subscription)The ruling illustrates that the board is unlikely to allow a party that filed an inter partes review petition jointly with others to later take a position that is different from the other parties', said A. Antony Pfeffer of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP, who has …and more »
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