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Main Office: Milwaukee
Participating Offices: Chicago; Del Mar, CA; Detroit; Jacksonville; Los Angeles; Madison, WI; Milwaulkee; New York; Orlando; Palo Alto; San Diego; San Francisco; Tampa; Washington, D.C.
AveryIndex Popularity: #15 out of 795
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Blog Posts

"Foley Atty In High Court Row May Have Broken Ethics Rules"
Andrew Strickler of has a report (subscription required for full access) that begins, "The Foley & Lardner LLP partner who drew a rare sanction threat from the U.S. Supreme Court for filing an impenetrable, jargon-packed petition he says was penned largely by his client may...

Firm News

Florida Times-Union (blog)
Former DEP secretary, and Jacksonville shipyards executive, joins FoleyFlorida Times-Union (blog)Herschel Vinyard, the former Jacksonville shipyard executive who until recently was Gov. Rick Scott's secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, has joined Foley & Lardner's government and public policy team. “Secretary Vinyard is …Foley Adds Ex-Florida DEP Secretary VinyardLaw360 (subscription)all 2 news articles »
IPPro The Internet
Matt Karlyn returns to Foley & LardnerIPPro The InternetMatt Karlyn has returned to Foley & Lardner's technology transactions and outsourcing practice as a partner in its Boston office. Karlyn's practice focuses on technology and patent licensing, commercial technology transactions, and outsourcing …Foley's Announce Return of Technology & Transactions AttorneyLawfuelall 3 news articles »
FTC Fails to Prove Green Guides' Meaning of "Biodegradable"JD Supra (press release)In an Initial Decision announced February 6, 2015, Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell of the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) held that ECM BioFilms, Inc. d/b/a Enviroplastics International (“ECM”) made false and unsubstantiated claims ...and more »
IoT – It's All About the Data, Right?JD Supra (press release)A few weeks ago, the FTC released a report on the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to “things” such as devices or sensors – other than computers, smartphones, or tablets – that connect, communicate or transmit information with or between each other ...and more »
Made in the USA! Reshoring Children's ProductsJD Supra (press release)For all expecting and new parents, you probably have learned how quickly buying your child's products adds up! So why would you be willing to pay more for an American-made product when you could purchase a similar product or even the “same” product, ...
Know the Risks: Domestic and International ComplianceJD Supra (press release)Even the actions of third parties, such as consultants and agents, can result in liability under these laws. To help companies manage their national and international regulatory risk, Foley & Lardner LLP has included detailed discussion of the typical …
Why Every Day Is Proxy Season for Public CompaniesJD Supra (press release)Historically, the proxy season for public companies ran from January through the spring, but it now has become a year-round concern. In a conversation with Mimesis Law's Lee Pacchia, Foley Partner John Wilson explains how the rising influence of ...
Judge Posner on Bankruptcy's "Clean-Up" JurisdictionJD Supra (press release)Most bankruptcy lawyers might think that the dismissal of a bankruptcy proceeding and the revesting of the bankruptcy estate's assets in the debtor bring an end to the bankruptcy court's jurisdiction. Not (necessarily) so, according to the Seventh …
Congress Renews Its Battles Over Workplace Rights and ObligationsJD Supra (press release)With Republicans now controlling both houses of Congress, we can expect to see the introduction — or reintroduction — of various pieces of legislation largely designed to advance the agenda of the majority party on issues affecting the American …and more »
Court Cites Objects of Invention in Claim ConstructionJD Supra (press release)Pacing Technologies, LLC v. Garmin International, Inc. is one of those Federal Circuit decisions that may send patent practitioners running to their files to double-check the phrasing used in their patent applications. Not only did the court decide …and more »
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