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URL: www.faegre.com
Main Office: Minneapolis
Participating Offices: Boulder; Denver; Des Moines; Minneapolis
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Comment by: CLSstudent Posted: November 16, 06
With the addition of a strong practice in Colorado, Faegre is quickly becoming a midwest powerhouse and a top midwest firm. This website is an outstanding forum for evaluation of law firms without the usual east coast bias.
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Comment by: Harvard3L Posted: January 3, 07
Faegre's starting salary recently jumped to 120k in both Minn and Co. This marks it as having one of the highest salaries in those regions. The salary compared with the cost of living of these areas makes Faegre one of the top paying firms in the country, not to mention being the top midwest law firm.
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 Over 500 Attorneys
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Comment by: Faegre Associate Posted: March 2, 07
Faegre & Benson has recently bulked up the amount of associates in its ranks to just over 500 attornyes. This is largely due to the recent success in client cultivation and client attrition. While Faegre is consistently ranked in the top 100 law firms, it is growing an exceptional rate and is on track to be one of the top midwest law firms.
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