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Firm News

Buffalo News
Ray Bentley: From Darby to "Driftwood"Buffalo NewsI published my first Darby book, "Shopping with Darby," in 1989. Shortly thereafter "Naptime for Darby" and "Darby's Christmas Adventure" were on the market. Combined with the "Darby the Dinosaur Environmental Coloring Book," I sold over 100,000 copies ...
Fitzgerald found not guilty in shooting | Navarre PressNavarre PressNavarre resident John Marshall Fitzgerald was found not guilty by reason of self defense Thursday night in the Oct. 30 shooting of college student Nelson Rivers ...and more »
The Delaware County Daily Times
Upper Darby council OKs move to preserve Little Flower Manor site as open spaceThe Delaware County Daily TimesDirector of Licenses and Inspection Jeff Gentile previously announced the 46.15 acres lot partially in Upper Darby and Darby would be subdivided into two lots — lot one, the 12.57 acres where the nursing home will remain, and lot two, the 33.58 acres ...
Darby & Darby Dissolving after 115 Years in BusinessIPWatchdog.comEarlier today Darby & Darby, one of the oldest intellectual property boutique firms in the United States, announced that they are dissolving. The announcement, which seems to have come without much warning, confirms rumors that started swirling last …and more »
Arizona Daily Sun
Flagstaff couple disappears under mysterious circumstances | Crime ...Arizona Daily SunEarlier this month, a former Northern Arizona University lecturer being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct with a student disappeared along with his ...and more »
Great Falls Tribune
Recent tragedies cast doubt on Montana's child-protection servicesGreat Falls TribuneIn April 2010, Hodges was stationed at an Army base in Georgia when he placed a call to Child and Family Services asking if someone could check on the welfare of his son, Darby, and Darby's half-sister, Kiera Pulaski. Hodges had just separated from his ...and more »
The Delaware County Daily Times
Editorial: County's deal with SPCA is over; problem is notThe Delaware County Daily TimesIn other towns, such as Upper Darby and Darby Borough where the problem is more acute, and where dog-fighting operations often complicate the issue, it won't be that easy. Nothing about animal control here in Delaware County ever is. For now, Lamb is ...
Delaware County Daily Times
Turf Wars: Why Delco residents take so much pride in their 'hoods - on & off mapDelaware County Daily TimesAdd to this mix, out-of-towners' confusion over the difference of Darby, Upper Darby and Darby Township or Ridley Township and Ridley Park or Upper Chi and Lower Chi, and you get the picture! And that's not even counting the mix-ups that come from ...and more »
TV Fanatic
Suits Review: Time MachineTV FanaticThe merger with Darby may have saved Pearson from a slow demise, but it didn't save the relationships of our favorite associates from crossing irrevocable lines. The desperate attempts of our favorite legal eagles to salvage, and in some cases further ...and more »
FUNDAMENTALISM IN AMERICAExecutive Intelligence Review (EIR)For those wishing to pursue this to its full, nitpicking end, John Walvoord, who spent more than 50 years at the fundie training center, Dallas Theological Seminary, promoting the work of Darby and Darby's popularizer, C.I. Scofield, has written a book …
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