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Main Office: National
Participating Offices: Chicago; Irvine, CA; Kansas City, MO; New York; Phoenix; Santa Monica; St. Louis; Washington, D.C.
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Firm News

Kansas City Business Journal
Bryan Cave adds lawyers for new data center teamKansas City Business JournalBryan Cave LLP picked up a pair of area development lawyers to form a new team focused on working on data centers and cloud infrastructure projects. James Grice joins Bryan Cave as a partner and Michael McKinley as of counsel in the firm's Real Estate ...
First Trump Administration FCPA Resolution is Tender not ToughJD Supra (press release)DC Partner Mark Sere and DC Senior Associate Kristin Robinson have presented a webinar providing a mid-year update on the FCPA. In it, Mark and Kristin read the tea leaves on whether the Trump Administration was going to be Tough or Tender on FCPA ...and more »
EU Retail News - June 2017JD Supra (press release)2017 is shaping up to be the year that the UK's Committee of Advertising Practice ("CAP") puts its foot down on how companies can advertise to children online. In recent months, CAP has published a multitude of guidance to ensure that marketers know ...
The Global Legal Post
Bryan Cave opens notary office in FrankfurtThe Global Legal PostBryan Cave tax law specialist Stefan Skulesch has been sworn in as a notary in Frankfurt. Mr Skulesch is admitted to practice both as an attorney and tax advisor. His practice covers the entire range of national and international matters involving …
How Bryan Cave Is Building a Successful Thought Leadership Program - The Inside StoryJD Supra (press release)We sat down with JD Supra client Kathleen Flynn (Bryan Cave CMO) for an "Inside Story" marketing perspective on how her law firm conceived and launched a successful, firm-wide thought leadership program. Listen in as Kathleen explains the strategy and ...
Retailer Loses ADA Website Accessibility TrialJD Supra (press release)Retailers with both physical locations and a website should take note that a United States District Court has held that Winn-Dixie violated Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) because its website was inaccessible to the visually …and more »
Accepting Strategic Investments – Pros & Cons for Start-UpsJD Supra (press release)Every startup wants to be Google or, at the very least, secure an investment from Google Ventures. Strategic investors, the investment arms of larger parent companies that focus on both financial and strategic returns, often offer tantalizing funding ...
FCPA: 2017 Mid-Year Review WebinarJD Supra (press release)Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was a high priority for the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016. There's interest in how the new administration could impact enforcement as well as the DOJ's FCPA …and more »
The 2017 Southern California Private Fund Advisers RoundtableJD Supra (press release)On May 24, 2017, Bryan Cave LLP, ALPS Alternative Investment Services, LLC, and RSM US LLP co-hosted the inaugural Southern California Private Fund Advisers Roundtable in Santa Monica, California. With more than 40 industry professionals in ...
Companies Perceived By The FTC as Top ViolatorsJD Supra (press release)As discussed in previous articles, the FTC collects complaints about organizations that allegedly violate the data privacy, data security, advertising, and marketing laws. Each month the FTC creates a “Top Violators” report that ranks the fifty …and more »
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