Detroit Detroit is the largest city in Michigan. The city, founded in 1701 by French fur traders, is a major port city located north of Windsor, Ontario, on the Detroit River, in the Midwest. It is known as Motor City, Motown and the world's traditional automotive center.

Detroit's crime rate has brought it notoriety, while the city continues to struggle with the burdens of racial disharmony between itself and its suburban neighbors. The city has experienced budget shortfalls, leading to cuts in city services. Nevertheless, Detroit is experiencing a downtown revival with the construction of the Compuware headquarters, a renovated Renaissance Center, and three casino hotels.

Detroit and the surrounding region constitute a manufacturing powerhouse, most notably as home to the Big Three automobile companies. The city is an important center for global trade with large international law firms having their offices in both Detroit and Windsor. There are hundreds of offices and plants in the automotive support business: parts, electronics, and design suppliers. The domestic auto industry accounts directly and indirectly for one of every ten jobs in the United States. The area is also an important source of engineering job opportunities.

With many new business in the suburbs, the region is very competitive in emerging technologies including biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, cognotechnology, and hydrogen fuel cell development. Detroit has made efforts to lure the region's growth companies downtown with advantages such as a wireless Internet zone, business tax incentives, entertainment, an international riverfront, and residential high rises.

Other Fortune 500 companies headquartered around Detroit include auto parts maker American Axle & Manufacturing, Comerica, and DTE Energy. Detroit is home to Compuware and the national pizza chain Little Caesars. Downtown Detroit also has major offices for Electronic Data Systems, Visteon, Delphi, Ford Motor Company, Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touche, the Jeep and Dodge Truck arm of DaimlerChrysler and GM's OnStar.

Casino gaming plays a major economic role, with Detroit currently the largest city in the United States to offer major casino hotels. Casino Windsor, Canada's largest, complements the MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino, and Greektown Casino in Detroit. The casinos have brought new tax revenue to the city. In 2006, downtown Detroit reported $1.3 billion in restorations and new developments which increased the number of construction jobs in the city. Medical service providers such as the Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Hospital are major employers in the city.

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