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About AI

For eight years now, the AveryIndex has provided reliable and independent law firm rankings that thousands of law students and practioners have used in their career decisions.

Finding the right law firm is a daunting task. The AveryIndex is dedicated to helping you find a firm that's a good fit by simplifying the task of comparing law firms and getting information. Practicing law is a challenging career but by working for the right firm it can also be enjoyable. The rankings are based on various criteria including responses from thousands of associates' to surveys. The AveryIndex seeks to make the results of these surveys accessible and useful. The American Lawyer conducted a survey of 6,500 middle level associates (3rd, 4th and 5th years) in 2006 to find out their experiences at each law firm. (To see complete survey results visit 2006 Midlevel Associates Survey [free registration required].)

New for are star ratings of each firm based on the most important criteria to associates. Post comments about firms based on your experiences and see what others have to say. Check out NALP information for each firm using the convenient link on each firm's individual page. You can also search for a law firm by what's important to you using the data from 2006. According to the users of this site, some of the most important factors to prospective associates are whether billable hours are realistic, how interesting the work is and how likely associates are to stay two more years at their current law firm.

Any comments, questions or suggestions should be sent to info AT averyindex DOT com.
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