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New To Copyright: Canada’s Idea For Political Advertising Exception
The Canadian Conservative government is considering a new copyright exception for political advertising that would be unique in the world and address an issue already covered by Canada's constitutional rights, copyright experts said.
News from the EPO - Strike Ballot comes out in favour of a strike
Merpel has been sunning herself again in the corridors of the EPO.  Readers may recall that just a few months ago the President of the European Patent Office refused a call for a ballot for a strike.  Well, there has been another call for a ballot, and this time the ballot was...
Examination of Myriad-Mayo Guidance Comments -- BIO Joint Comment
By Donald Zuhn -- On March 4, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a guidance memorandum, entitled "Guidance For Determining Subject Matter Eligibility Of Claims Reciting Or Involving Laws of Nature, Natural Phenomena, & Natural Products" (or "Myriad-Mayo...
Snowden's Motivation: What the Internet Was Like Before It Was Being Watched, and How We Can...
Laura Poitras’ riveting new documentary about mass surveillance gives an intimate look into the motivations that guided Edward Snowden, who sacrificed his career and risked his freedom to expose mass surveillance by the NSA. CITIZENFOUR , which debuts on Friday, has many...

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"SCOTUSblog on camera: Laurence H. Tribe (Part three)."
"SCOTUSblog" has this post today.
Brewery Battling Lucasfilm After Attempt To Trademark “Empire Strikes Bock” Beer
AM Roundup: Holder ‘Exasperated’ with Ferguson Leaks; Haitians Challenge U.N. Immunity
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.
Can anyone explain the profound loserosity of Martha Coakley?
The Democratic Party's candidate for governor in the famously liberal state of Massachusetts weirdly lost a Senate race to a Republican in 2010, and now she's not just losing to her Republican opponent, she's 9 points behind in the new Boston Globe poll . Is this lady poison...
The New Spousal Immunity Defense? Justice Department Reportedly Invokes Executive...

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