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The Digital Single Market Strategy: too many (strategic?) omissions
As expected, following the leak of a full draft version   [ here ] , yesterday the EU Commission unveiled its   Digital Single Market Strategy  (DSMS). As EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, explained last year, this would include what " ambitious...
EFF Hails Court Ruling Rejecting NSA Bulk Collection of Americans' Phone Records
Appeals Court Decision Should Push Congress to Strengthen Protections Against Mass Surveillance, EFF Says San Francisco - A federal appeals court today ruled that the NSA's bulk collection of phone records is illegal, saying Congress didn't authorize collection of a...
California’s Resale Royalty Statute Violates the Dormant Commerce Clause—In Part (Guest Blog...
By guest blogger Tyler Ochoa On Tuesday, May 5, an eleven-judge en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit recently held that California’s Resale Royalty Statute, Civil Code § 986 , could not Constitutionally be applied to sales of works of art that occurred outside of California, even if the seller...
Diplomatic Conference On Inclusion Of GIs In WIPO Treaty Kicks Off Next Week
Geographical indications might gain stronger international protection through the amendment of a 28-member World Intellectual Property Organization-administered treaty protecting appellations of origin. The high-level negotiating meeting taking place next week will consider pending...

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"Appeals court upholds Pandora's victory over songwriters; ASCAP says 1.85% royalty isn't...
Joe Mullin of Ars Technica has this report today. My earlier coverage of yesterday's Second Circuit ruling can be accessed here .
Political and legal philosopher Jeremy Waldron (NYU) elected to American Philosophical Society
Here (he is no longer on the Oxford faculty and is back full-time at NYU).
A Letter To My Thirteen Year Old Self
Here is a short excerpt from my upcoming book, “One Step Forward” Dear Brian: I can see you. It’s nineteen seventy-four. You are thirteen years old in your bedroom. You are sitting a table playing with your baseball cards and putting stamps in the stamp book given to you by your...
Does the SEC Always Win Before Its ALJs?
The WSJ has a story today that suggests that indeed it does. I'm not so sure, and I've been looking...
Johnson & Johnson Creating An Independent Panel To Review Patient Requests For...

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