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IP and Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Today, we provide you some fodder to discuss at your Thanksgiving table. Why not share some of this knowledge with your family and friends? Julie Langdon Today, we provide you some fodder to discuss at your Thanksgiving table.  Why not share some of this knowledge with...
YouTube to defend clear examples of fair use, even in court
Nedim Malovic YouTube to litigate copyright infringement/fair use actions on behalf of users harassed by subject to inappropriate  DMCA takedown requests ? This is apparently what is going to happen soon, as IP enthusiast Nedim Malovic (Stockholm University)...
USPTO Launches Dossier Access
By Donald Zuhn –- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced today that it had launched Dossier Access, the first of a set of business services to be developed as part of the Global Dossier Initiative. The Global Dossier Initiative is a collaborative project of the...
At WIPO, Former South Africa Judge Calls For Balance In IP Rights Enforcement
Alongside this week's meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on enforcement, an event featured a former South African Supreme Court judge presenting his views on IP enforcement. There is a need to go for the “big fish,” he said, and to bring balance in...

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Hide Your Stuff, Lock Your Car: Black Friday Is Also A Pretty Big Day For Thieves
Trump the fascist wannabe
The "fascist" label is apt for the reasons noted, but he will not be the Republican nominee or the next President. He is a gift to the Democrats, however, guaranteeing that women, racial, ethnic and religious minorities, as well as...
When is it appropriate to appropriate?
"It's time for cultural appropriators to proudly reclaim 'culturally appropriative' as a positive, empowering term. When asked 'Isn't that cultural appropriation?' you should enthusiastically answer: 'Yes! I freely adopt any cultures I choose, and I wouldn't have it any other way!'" Writes John
Just in time for the busiest holiday shopping day of the year
Subscribing to The Green Bag -- the only law review-type publication that I pay money to receive -- has just become more interesting, to say the least. Details can be found here and here . You can choose to spend zillions on eBay to obtain a U.S. Supreme Court Justice bobblehead doll , or...
Cyber Security Report Card
Cybersecurity was a major topic at the recent Canadian IT Law Association conference. It can be a daunting subject to ponder when dealing with various types of services, cloud providers, and the methods, standards and assurances available to lower the risk of a security breach. Cyber...

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