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Politico leaks draft Digital Single Market strategy tackling geo-blocking, civil enforcement and role...
Yesterday Politico  leaked  copies of the draft  Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy  and its supporting  Evidence , which the EU Commission is officially due to release on  6 May 2015 . The Strategy starts by stressing the " need to...
Legislation Introduced in House to Eliminate Uncertainty Regarding AIA Grace Period
By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives that would amend 35 U.S.C. § 102(b) "to correct the drafting problem in the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act relating to the grace period." The bill, entitled the "Grace Period Restoration Act of 2015" (H.R...
Rod Adams on Phaseout Profit
Rod Adams  kindly replied with a couple of tweets to my latest article on Phaseout Profit . I am pleased with the opportunity to discuss why my idea might not work. He raised three points. The first : History is clear. If prices are high, more drilling in sensitive resource areas like Arctic...
Investigative Reporting on MPAA's SOPA Revival Effort Wins Pulitzer
A New York Times series on secretive corporate lobbying of state attorneys general has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting today. The entire series does important digging on an area of political influence that's generally less transparent than Congressional...

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Miss child support payment, go to jail
And good luck making those payments once you’ve lost your job or license. The Walter Scott shooting in South Carolina has focused belated attention on the “deadbeat-dad” rules crafted variously to please budget hawks, women’s rights advocates, and conservatives...
Counterfeiters Not As Successful As Gyrocopter Pilot At Staying Under The Radar
Unless you just don’t follow the news at all, you know about the gent who landed his gyrocopter on the lawn next to the US Capitol. He got that far because he flew under the radar. These two gents also must have been trying to fly under the radar by counterfeiting such a small bill...
"Should Victims Say How Boston Bomber Pays?"
Law professor Noah Feldman has this essay online today at Bloomberg View.
Magna Carta in America: Entrenched
Englishmen on both sides of the Atlantic treasured their rights derived from Magna Carta, but during the eighteenth century their manner of protecting them diverged.   That divergence has kept Magna Carta’s legacy more vibrant in American than in the land of its origins. Sir Edward Coke’s...
Judge: FBI Ruse in Las Vegas Sports Betting Case Was Unconstitutional
Suspecting that gamblers were operating an illegal World Cup betting ring from inside three Caesars Palace villas in Las Vegas, FBI agents last year came up with a clever plan to get inside one of them. They disrupted a suspect's Internet service, posed as repairmen and tricked a butler...

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