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BREAKING NEWS: It's official -- the law is an ASOS, or is it an ASSOS ...?
"Is that ASOS, ASSOS, ASOSS ... ?" The battle between ASSOS and ASOS is the sort of thing that case note writers and legal bloggers dread: complex litigation involving two names that are so similar that it's easy to type the one place of the other. Curiously enough, while frustration...
Thailand Toughens Copyright Law To Deal With Internet Providers, Unlawful Movie Recording In...
BANGKOK - Thailand has toughened its copyright law to include, for the first time, responsibility of intermediaries, or internet service providers, for infringement of copyright work on the internet, and separately, to penalise people who record movies being shown in theatres without...
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. v. Lupin Ltd. (Fed. Cir. 2015)
By Kevin E. Noonan -- Earlier this month, the Federal Circuit affirmed a District Court judgment of obviousness in ANDA litigation under the Hatch Waxman Act having a long provenance of earlier litigation, in Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. v. Lupin Ltd. The case involved patentee Senju...
Stupid Patent of the Month: GPS Tracking, or Something
GPS technology has been around for a while. Wikipedia puts the start of development at 1973. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that it became available for consumer use. And even then, it took some time before the government removed restrictions on accuracy that it had on its use by civilians...

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Airline’s Pilots Warn Passengers Of Safety Concerns
"Pao faces tough court if she appeals Kleiner bias lawsuit"
Dan Levine of Reuters has this report .
Sony Music Claims It Overpaid 'American Idol' Stars
The record giant demands at least $2 million back for compilation albums, digital downloads and a royalty advance. read more
At the Indiana-Rolls-Her-Own Café...
... come on in, there's CAKE for everybody. Talk about whatever you like. Consider — if you must shop — using The Althouse Amazon Portal . And click there anyway, because Amazon went retro for April Fool's. The photograph was taken at Paul's Books in Madison, where there are...
Choices and Priorities
How do we as a society decide who is responsible to pay for access to justice initiatives and to what extent? Who sets those priorities and through what lens are those priorities ordered? Does the fiscal responsibility lie solely with government? Is it the job of government to ensure that all...

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