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From Earls Court to High Court: when litigation is far from Ideal
Left to oneself and without any knowledge of law, the typical sentient human being, being of sound mind and average judgement, might be prepared to assume that, when one business has been using its name since 1908 and another has been using the same name since 1920, it would be...
U.S. Patent No. 7,618,322: Game system, storage medium storing game program, and game...
U.S. Patent No. 7,618,322: Game system, storage medium storing game program, and game controlling method Issued Nov. 17, 2009, to Nintendo Summary: The ‘322 patent describes a game with a controller with an operation surface that produces an audible percussive sound when...
Lawsuit Over User-Posted Celebrity Photos Survives Dismissal–BWP v. Hollywood Fan Sites
I’m not much of a gossip site reader, especially when I can’t get the damn page to load properly and there’s a painful “your” typo on the front screen The plaintiffs own copyrights in celebrity photos. The defendants run the “fan site network” with 1,500+ websites dedicated to...
Interview With Alberto Bichi, Federation Of The European Sporting Goods Industry
Alberto Bichi is secretary-general of the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI), based in Brussels. In an interview with Intellectual Property Watch’s Catherine Saez, he describes FESI's mission, the views of the industry on the importance of intellectual property...

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"Kern chosen for South Dakota Supreme Court"
Today's edition of The Rapid City Journal contains an article that begins, "For the first time in South Dakota's history, the state Supreme Court will have two women among the five justices, and one of the two will be a Rapid City resident, Circuit Judge Janine Kern."
"Close friends of Darren Wilson have called for the star witness in the Michael Brown shooting to be...
"They say that [Dorian Johnson] made up the claim that Brown had his hands up which kickstarted the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ protest movement." In his TV interviews Johnson said that Wilson shot Brown in the back at which point he turned round with his hands up saying: ‘I don’t have a...
Reconsider Keeping A Second Refrigerator In Your Garage
Open Letter to Trustees and Leadership of University of Southern Maine...
...which is under AAUP investigation (and, I expect, likely censure) for its elimination of large numbers of faculty positions. (Earlier item.) If you sign the letter, use the location field to give your institutional affiliation. (Thanks to Gideon Rosen for...
Legal Academia LinkedIn Group
I created a new LinkedIn group called Legal Academia for legal academics to share useful links, posts, scholarship, events, etc. Shameless-self promotion is welcomed — as long as what you promote is good. Who Can Join? Anyone can join — non-academics can join too if you want to...

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