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Students Re-Launch Open Access Button App to Find Free Access to Scientific and Scholarly...
Millions of people use research everyday. From students, medical professionals, to curious hobbyists, we all benefit from being able to access, read, and cite reliable, tested information. But getting the research we need can be hard and costly when it's locked up behind expensive...
This Week’s Vote Will Show Who Finnish MPs Listen To On Copyright, EFFi Says
On 24 October, the Finnish Parliament is expected to vote on the Citizens' Initiative for Common Sense for Copyright Act, which aims to make Finnish copyright law more user-oriented. But with a proposal to gut the Act, a counter-proposal to save it, and unprecedented lobbying...
Congress Is Considering A New Federal Trade Secret Law. Why? (Forbes Cross-Post)
[Two brief introductory notes: (1) the trade secret bills have been dormant in Congress pending the November elections, but don't rule out the possibility of them roaring back immediately thereafter, and (2) I have uploaded an expanded version of this post , with extensive citations, to...
BGH decision "Yellow dictionary" colour trade mark dispute
The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, short: BGH) has now published the full grounds (in German) of its recent decision in the "yellow dictionary" trade mark dispute between German publishing house Langenscheidt and RosettaStone...

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“Should the SEC be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner?”
Prof. Bainbridge flags this disturbing Wall Street Journal piece : The Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly steering cases to hearings in front of the agency’s appointed administrative judges, who found in its favor in every verdict for the 12 months through...
Well, It Is Called “Sonic Drive-In”
Before you go getting up in this poor woman’s grill, take note that it is called a “drive-in”. And that’s just what she did. This is actually more common than you would think. The Juice had a case recently involving a woman who did the exact same thing, but she did a helluva lot more...
"Denied Survivor's Benefits After Wife's Death, Texas Widow Files a Federal Suit"
Erik Eckholm will have this article in Thursday's edition of The New York Times.
Henry Manne comments on SEC administrative rule making
My post the other day on the problems with the SEC's increasing use of administrative law judges prompted the great Henry Manne to send along this comment: Steve, you might also have noted the other... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content...
Leaks in Michael Brown Death Investigation
I haven't been following the Michael Brown case lately, but I am interested in the issue of law enforcement leaks that favor Officer Wilson at a time when the grand jury is considering whether to charge him. The spokesman for the St. Louis... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

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