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Seiko and Seiki in Singapore: "too well known to be confused"
It has happened before and it will happen again, but it's always a surprise when it does . Sometimes a mark is almost too well known for its own good. The worst case scenario is when it's so well-known that it becomes synonymous with the goods or services for which it's...
Gilead Sciences, Inc. v. Lee (Fed. Cir. 2015)
Filing of IDS after Response to Restriction Requirement Constitutes Failure to Engage in Reasonable Efforts to Conclude Prosecution By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, in Gilead Sciences, Inc. v. Lee, the Federal Circuit affirmed the decision by the District Court for the Eastern District of...
You Can't Block Apps on the Free and Open Brazilian Internet
Brazil's Marco Civil law contains vigorous language intended to protect free expression, and a stable, secure and neutral network in Brazil. But as we have noted before , such laws must be interpreted and enforced appropriately to be effective. A good Internet law can quickly turn bad if...
Are Your Devices Hardwired For Betrayal?
It's an interesting time to be a computer security researcher. Last week, Kaspersky Lab released a report about a new family of malware from an entity they called "The Equation Group" . The report demonstrated for the first time that firmware-based attacks, previously only...

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Reader poll #8: how much philosophy have you studied?
Following up on a reader suggestion, here's the latest reader poll: Click Here for Poll Online Survey Polls View MicroPoll QuestionPro
The Third Tool: The Off Switch
In four preceding articles I have described the idea behind becoming a very highly valued five-tools project manager, ready to manage each of the five progress factors: Manage the project, starting with the project charter (discussed in the previous article). Manage the client, starting with the...
"There was a moon out in space, but a cloud drifted over its face..."
Bob Dylan, film noir...
Can’t convict? Chip away defendants’ rights
“[Attorney General Eric] Holder told POLITICO that between now and his departure… he will call for a lower standard of proof for civil rights crimes.” [ Mike Allen, Politico ] Tags: Department of Justice , Eric Holder Can’t convict? Chip away defendants’ rights is a post from Overlawyered...
You Will NOT Believe Why This Guy Attempted To Rob This Joint!
If you want to get the police department’s attention, there are other ways. This way, though, will definitely work! As detailed in the Colorado Springs Police Department blotter: On 01-09-14 at approximately 0756 hours, officers from the Sand Creek Division were dispatched to the Brunswick...

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