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U.S. Patent No. 7,637,813: Video game device and video game program
U.S. Patent No. 7,637,813: Video game device and video game program Issued Dec. 29, 2009, to Nintendo Summary: The ‘813 patent describes a handheld game whereby the player controls his character by drawing a line on the touch pad. The character can move either on the...
Los Funcionarios de Comercio Finalizaron Negociaciones del TPP—Ahora Empieza la...
Agradecimientos a Luis Gil Abinader, investigador de FLACSO Argentina, por la traducción al español. Artículo original en inglés . Los funcionarios cercanos a las negociaciones anunciaron ayer que alcanzaron un entendimiento final sobre el Acuerdo Transpacífico de...
Gucci may be one nail away from a new legal battle
Kevin Bercimuelle-Chamot Still dreaming of the outfits and accessories seen on the catwalks at recent Fashion Weeks around the world? Such dreams may come with legal headaches in some cases, eg for Italian fashion house Gucci. Young and talented Katfriend Kevin...
WIPO Members Urge Action On Range Of Treaties
World Intellectual Property Organization members called for swift adoption of new treaties at the outset of the organisation's annual General Assemblies this week.

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High Court to Highlight Opinion Fixes, Bars Lawyers From Using ‘Line Standing’ Services
The Supreme Court, typically trailing on technology compared to the White House and Congress, opened its term this week with several new policies designed to move the third branch closer to the 21st century.
Man Recruited Homeless To Help Him Steal As Much As $800K From Home Depot
Can directors of corporations be held liable to shareholders when the corporation breaks the law
My earlier post on the corporate law aspects of the VW diesel engine scandal focused assumed away the issue of corporate criminality. Prompted by a complaint from my friend and coauthor Bill Klein.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and...
"Holding homemade signs reading 'God Hates Renoir' and 'Treacle Harms Society,' the...
"... and 'Other art is worth your while! Renoir paints a steaming pile!'... The [Museum of Fine Arts] hasn’t commented on the fledgling movement..." I'm glad finally somebody cares enough to do something about this longstanding travesty. Catch up with Max Geller's Renoir...
"Constitution Check: Did the Pope intervene in America's marriage controversy?"
Lyle Denniston has this post today at the "Constitution Daily" blog of the National Constitution Center.

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