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Gavi Receives Record-Breaking Financial Pledges For Vaccines
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, boasted success this week as its biennial replenishment conference attracted US$ 7.5 billion in pledges, which is the organisation said is expected to allow 300 million additional children to be vaccinated in poor countries. The vaccine industry...
Belgium asks CJEU: does the Enforcement Directive allow cost-capping in IP litigation?
From Stijn Debaene and Hakim Haouideg (fieldfisher, Brussels: katpat!) comes some pretty hot news from Belgium which ties in to some extent with yesterday's guest Katpost by Barbara Cookson on the recovery of costs in patent litigation -- but it goes wider than that and, like...
USPTO Issues Post-Alice Abstract Idea Examples
By Michael Borella -- On January 27, the USPTO provided its promised set of examples of patent-eligible and patent-ineligible claims relating to the abstract idea exception to 35 U.S.C. § 101, in light of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank. These examples are intended to be used in...
Die Herausforderung von Mobbing im Internet
In den fast 25 Jahren, in denen die EFF digitale Rechte verteidigt hat, ist unser Glaube an die Versprechen des Internets nur stärker geworden. Die digitale Welt befreit den Benutzer von vielen Grenzen bezüglich Kommunikation und Kreativität, die in der realen Welt existieren. Aber sie ist...

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PGR 2014-15 update
As a number of readers have noted, the 2014-15 PGR is not yet finished; my co-editor Brit, and her RA, are at work on the remaining content, including the summary of each department's specialty rankings. Thanks for your patience.
Judge Rakoff: DOJ Forensic Panel Hobbled by Bias
A Justice Department commission on forensic science has lost one of its most prominent members, Manhattan federal judge Jed Rakoff, who quit the advisory body in the wake of a decision not to let participants examine how forensic evidence is prepared for trial.
Kmart To Pay $102K For Refusing To Hire Dialysis Patient Who Couldn’t Give Urine Sample
SEC ALJ Orders: It's How It Does It's Anti-Bribery Rule
While defendants are gearing up to make arguments against the constitutionality of the SEC's increasing inclination to use its ALJs,...
"We often encountered Professor Yin’s frisky and playful cats, peering curiously around a corner...
"Those cats got more attention and care and love than most pets." From the the UW School of Public Health Department of Neuroscience letter defending the professor who experimented on cats and was reviled by PETA. The full text of the letter appears at the end of my January 25th...

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