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If all the patent trolls disappear, can royalty stacking take their place?
This Kat is of the view that when historians take stock of the patent troll/NPE ("non-practising entities") saga, it may rank among the oddest of all IP narratives. More than a decade into the issue, one is hard-pressed to find any consensus on how to define a troll/NPE or how to describe the problems...
Patent Litigation Reform -- Will the Outcome of the Mid-Term Elections Matter, and Is Reform Still...
By Andrew Williams -- Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are probably aware that mid-term elections are next Tuesday. And the issue on every voter's mind is obviously patent litigation reform. In all seriousness, even though the subject of patent reform has not been raised in...
Dear Rupert Murdoch: Want to Compete with Netflix? Ditch DRM!
At a technology conference this past Wednesday, Rupert Murdoch, chair of 21st Century Fox, argued that major media companies should develop their own video streaming service that could compete with Netflix and Amazon. His comments likely stemmed from worries that...
TRIPS Council Debates: Tobacco Packaging, Non-Violation Disputes, Innovation, Health...
This week's meeting of the World Trade Organization body governing intellectual property issues addressed a long agenda, reflecting continued divergence on regular items, such as complaints that do not involve breach of a WTO agreement, a health waiver, and sustained discussions...

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FCC To Propose New “Hybrid” Approach To Net Neutrality
FAN 38.1 (First Amendment News) FIRE bursts on out in NYC — Free speech conference draws...
EXPLOSIVE. That is as good as any a word to describe the high energy level at the 15th Anniversary dinner of FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), the group founded by Harvey Silvergate and  Alan Charles Kors in 1999. Some 280 people came together on...
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Enter The Pumpkin Patch . . .
To you, this may be Halloween.
To me, it was the last day I could win my snow bet with Meade... ... and I won.
AM Roundup: Banks Sock Away Cash for Penalties in Probes; Former SEAL Faces Disclosure...
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