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Farewell From Shari Steele
Today is the start of my last week as an employee of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  I will be leaving after nearly 15 years as EFF's President and Executive Director, having started as a Staff Attorney back in 1992.   As I wrap up things here, I've been thinking a lot about where we've been...
Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week
Here's the 39th Never Too Late compilation of short notes on all those Katposts that you might have missed last week.  Once again this list has been masterminded by our dear friend and colleague Alberto Bellan . Many thanks, Alberto! May you, and indeed all our readers, have a...
QVC Can’t Stop Web Scraping–QVC v. Resultly (Forbes Cross-Post)
Something most Californians are completely unfamiliar with. “ Eiskratzer ” by Stefan Flöper /  Wikimedia Commons . Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons . “Web scraping,” also called crawling or spidering, is the automated gathering of data from...
EPO Backs Patents On Conventional Plants: Broccoli, Tomato Cases Decided
The highest court of the European Patent Office has declared that plants or seeds obtained through conventional breeding methods are patentable.

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McDonald’s Introduces Table Service In Germany For Some Reason
Pao-Kleiner Juror Explains ‘Mistake’ With Original Vote
The juror who threw a much-watched Silicon Valley courtroom drama into chaos on Friday by changing his vote during the verdict says he simply “made a mistake."
Jay Z Likely Headed to Trial in 'Big Pimpin' Sampling Lawsuit
A California federal judge on Monday was inclined to reject Osama Ahmed Fahmy's bid for early judgment of his copyright claims against the rapper. read more
"This video makes me nervous. The only reason that you can be sure that the monkey doesn't just...
"... is because it's been widely shared as a 'cute' video. The owner had no way of knowing it wouldn't." That prompts somebody else share his "monkey story" : When I was vacationing in Thailand about 20 years ago, I was in a busy restaurant that had a small monkey chained to a perch in...
Time to Say Goodbye to an Employee?
You’ve tried clarification, reminders, warnings, patience and tolerance, maybe even retraining. But it isn’t working, and you both know it. Firing employees is not likely a task you took into consideration when you thought about becoming a lawyer; but here you are, an employer , in the position of...

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