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TRIPS Council Next Week: Tobacco, Innovation, Non-Violations, Public Health Review
The next meeting of the World Trade Organization Council on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is scheduled to take place on 28-29 October. In addition to the regular agenda items of the Council, two additional agenda items have been submitted by...
BGH decision "Yellow dictionary" colour trade mark dispute
The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, short: BGH) has now published the full grounds (in German) of its recent decision in the "yellow dictionary" trade mark dispute between German publishing house Langenscheidt and RosettaStone...
Obvious After the Fact
A petition for rehearing en banc at the CAFC for a drug obviousness case ( Bristol-Myers Squibb v. Teva - CAFC 2013-1306 ) was denied. What was remarkable was the inane confusion at the court. Judges Dyk and Wallach stated that "post-invention evidence" is rightly not allowed...
AntiCancer, Inc. v. Pfizer, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2014)
By Andrew Williams -- Anyone that has been monitoring the outcome of district court cases recently will be aware of the perils of not including sufficient information, or not timely supplementing, preliminary infringement or invalidity contentions required by many local patent rules. The...

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"PA Supreme Court Scandal Leads To Calls For Statewide Court Reform"
Cherri Gregg of KYW Newsradio has this report . Today's edition of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contains an editorial titled " Justice sidelined: Pa. would be better off if McCaffery resigned ." And in today's edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Phil Goldsmith has an op-ed titled...
Does #A2J Need a Strategic Plan?
I’m in the midst of preparing a presentation for Manitoba’s upcoming Pitblado Lectures describing various online and new media approaches to access to justice. In doing so, I have been struck by the range and variety of players in this game. Though they may be providing access to justice...
Former Sheriff: Obama Administration Leaking Stories To Prepare For The Rejection Of Criminal...
AM Roundup: Companies Try to Escape Health Law’s Penalties; Judge Upholds Gay Marriage...
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.
Another PGR Update: still fixing problems with the survey program...
...invitations may go out later today, hopefully by Thursday, Oct. 23 at the latest.

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