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Technical Investigators Have Rules To Follow In China’s Intellectual Property Courts
BEIJING - With the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Courts being put into operation late last year, the rules for technical investigators had been missing until 21 January, when the Supreme People’s Court released the Provisional Regulations of the Supreme...
Belgium asks CJEU: does the Enforcement Directive allow cost-capping in IP litigation?
From Stijn Debaene and Hakim Haouideg (fieldfisher, Brussels: katpat!) comes some pretty hot news from Belgium which ties in to some extent with yesterday's guest Katpost by Barbara Cookson on the recovery of costs in patent litigation -- but it goes wider than that and, like...
USPTO Issues Post-Alice Abstract Idea Examples
By Michael Borella -- On January 27, the USPTO provided its promised set of examples of patent-eligible and patent-ineligible claims relating to the abstract idea exception to 35 U.S.C. § 101, in light of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank. These examples are intended to be used in...
Die Herausforderung von Mobbing im Internet
In den fast 25 Jahren, in denen die EFF digitale Rechte verteidigt hat, ist unser Glaube an die Versprechen des Internets nur stärker geworden. Die digitale Welt befreit den Benutzer von vielen Grenzen bezüglich Kommunikation und Kreativität, die in der realen Welt existieren. Aber sie ist...

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Scott Walker adds insult to injury
Not only does he plan massive budget cuts for the University of Wisconsin, he thinks faculty need to work harder. Could a craven imbecile like Walker really have any idea what faculty actually do? (Thanks to Michael Swanson for the...
AM Roundup: High Court Halts Oklahoma Executions
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.
At some point, it's got to end.
I think, after adding an update to yesterday's post about Andrew Sullivan's quitting blogging. I've been going for 11 years — less than Sullivan's 15 — but I know that blogging only works because the spirit is there. You have to thrive on the intrinsic energy of the writing itself. When the magic is...
Turley Testimony In Senate Confirmation Hearing Of Loretta Lynch
"For Lawyers, a Rocky Walk Down the Gay Marriage Aisle; On the verge of an historic decision, feuds...
Steve Friess of Bloomberg News has this report .

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