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Ebola Vaccine Candidates Centre Of Attention; Clinical Trials, IP Negotiations Start
Today, the World Health Organization gave a press briefing to update journalists on what to expect in the near future on Ebola treatments and vaccines.
Tripp Trapp and the Third Dimension: a study in trade mark registrability
It's catch-up time again as the impossible quest to keep abreast of all the major IP rulings continues and this Kat gets the feeling that he is not so much making progress as merely chasing his tail.   Case C‑205/13   Hauck GmbH & Co. KG v Stokke A/S, Stokke...
The Indefiniteness of What is "Routine, Well-understood and Conventional" in Assessing...
By Kevin E. Noonan -- Castigating the Supreme Court, at least in patent circles, has become as prevalent as the Court's forays into patent law have been to overrule the Federal Circuit. While even those who give the Court the benefit of the doubt and appreciate the parsimony with...
The Troubling Arguments from the Government in Smith v. Obama
We’ve filed our reply brief in the appeal of Smith v. Obama , our case challenging the NSA’s mass telephone records collection on behalf of Idaho nurse Anna Smith.  The case will be argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal on December 8, 2014 in Seattle, and the public is welcome...

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"[Bell] Hooks had just come from a seminar entitled 'Transgression: Whose Booty Is This?'"
"She said, 'Pussies are out. It’s bootylicious all the way.' [Laverne] Cox agreed. 'It is the age of the ass,' she said. 'Booty as cultural metaphor is really interesting. J. Lo made the ass a thing fifteen years ago, and now we have issues of ass appropriation.'" From a New Yorker piece about a...
Gun-Control Battle Swings to Washington State
The center of the national debate over firearm background checks has, for the moment, moved to Washington state.
University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 64, Number 5, Fall 2014
University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 64, Number 5, Fall 2014 Strange bedfellows Robert Leckey Two logics of authority in modern law Arie Rosen Authority, justice, and public law: A unified theory Jacob Weinrib REVIEW ARTICLES The work of Lon Fuller: A promising direction...
Sears Inventory Clerk Accused Of Stealing $2.6 Million In Merchandise
"Nietzsche on Morality," 2nd edition
Amazon UK has it, it is officially out this month.

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