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Judge Expresses Frustration With Overbroad Discovery Requests for Social Media...
Photo credit: Underwater fishing net // As we’ve discussed before , social media accounts are honeypots in litigation; they are irresistible data sources as an encapsulation of a person’s life. As a result, it’s become routine for litigators to seek massive amounts of social...
Stupid Patent of the Month: A Drink Mixer Attacks the Internet of Things
Imagine if the inventor of the Segway claimed to own “any thing that moves in response to human commands.” Or if the inventor of the telegraph applied for a patent covering any use of electric current for communication. Absurdly overbroad claims like these would not be allowed, right...
EFF to Supreme Court: Police Need a Warrant for Americans’ Cell Phone Location Records
Florida Case Allowing Unconstitutional Mobile Phone Tracking Needs Review by High Court Washington D.C.—Americans have the right to expect that digital records of their daily travels—when they left home, where they went, and how long they stayed—is private...
Letter from Japan 3: Copyright and industrial design: trapped in the Tripp Trapp ...
Here's the third in the series of occasional guest posts from Japan from one-time guest Kat   and  Class 46  trade mark blogger  Laetitia Lagarde .   Laetitia's first post, on product placement, can be read  here . and her second post, covering...

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Fiat Chrysler Offers $100 Gift Cards To Get Your Recalled Car Fixed Already
Keila Ravelo: From ‘Women Worth Watching’ to Under Arrest
Just weeks before she quit her job at a white-shoe law firm in New York and was arrested on charges of stealing more than $5 million from two former employers and a client, Keila Ravelo was named one of 100 “Women Worth Watching” by a diversity publication.
"In the Execution Business, Missouri Is Surging; Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it's...
Maurice Chammah has this article online today at The Marshall Project.
Enforcement Discretion At The SEC
I wrote a paper on the SEC's ALJs, which I think are plenty independent and not at all unconstitutional. They...
Independent Legal Advice Checklist
When providing independent legal advice, a checklist provides you with a handy tool to ensure that you are covering all the bases when discussing the underlying transaction and your client’s relationship to that transaction. Using this checklist , created by Phil Epstein Q.C., will...

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