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Court of Appeal dismisses Rovi's claim construction attempt in battle with Virgin
Identification or information signals go unnoticed by the AmeriKat "Interactive special events video signal navigation system".  If those collection of words don't get you excited, then you probably have not been following the Rovi v Virgin Media litigation.  Yesterday...
New Text For Proposed WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Now Available
The chair of the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee has issued a new consolidated text on definitions, what should be protected, and the rights to be granted to broadcasters. The text comes in the lead-up to the next meeting of the committee.
Happy Thanksgiving from Patent Docs
The authors and contributors of Patent Docs wish their readers and families a Happy Thanksgiving. Publication of Patent Docs will resume on November 27th.
Stronger Locks, Better Security
What if, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, or cybersecurity attacks on companies and government agencies, the FBI had come to the American people and said: In order to keep you safe, we need you to remove all the locks on your doors and windows and replace them...

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Icahn versus AIG
John Carney looks at Icahn's raid on AIG. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Class-Action Attorneys’ Fees Under Fire
A case before California’s highest court could fundamentally change the way class-action attorneys are paid—and cut lawyers’ fees in the process.
U.S. Supreme Court web site's home page now has a page title
The Court is hard at work today. Justices -- or at least one Justice -- are issuing orders (see, e.g., this one ). At his "Election Law Blog," Rick Hasen discusses the order in a post titled " Breaking: Justice Kennedy Enjoins Counting of Ballots in Hawaii Election ." But, perhaps even more...
Roland Barthes on Donald Trump...
One of the black Harvard lawprofs whose photos were covered with black tape writes a thoughtful...
There's a lot of detail to this, by Randall Kennedy , so read the whole thing. I'll just excerpt his reaction to the tape: The identity and motives of the person or people behind the taping have not been determined. Perhaps the defacer is part of the law school community. But maybe not. Perhaps...

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