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“Campaign aims to turn oil companies into climate allies”
That’s the headline of a new  article by Marc Gunther at the Guardian . I was excited to read that headline. Has the time finally come that someone else has figured out the solution to global warming? I recall that I have been preaching on this blog again and again that global warming is easily...
Is This Justice? Charging an Eighth Grader with a Felony for “Hacking”
A 14-year-old eighth grader in Florida, Domanik Green, has been charged with a felony for “hacking” his teacher’s computer. The “hacking” in this instance was using a widely known password to change the desktop background of his teacher’s computer with an image of two men kissing. The...
Q4 2014 & Q1 2015 Quick Links Part 7 (Consumer Reviews, RTBF, Defamation, Censorship, Sec. 230)
Photo credit: 3D Quick Link Crossword // ShutterStock International Censorship * WaPo : This was the Internet’s worst, best year ever * Wired : Russia’s Creeping Descent Into Internet Censorship * Washington Post : Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal * NY Times :...
EFF's Podcasting Patent Win Highlights a Disturbing Trend
It's time to take a closer look at EFF's recent victory against bogus patents and highlight what we and others concerned about our patent system are up against. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), acting on our request for review, last week invalidated claims from a...

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"Appellate court panel considers states' case against Obama immigration plan"
Aaron Nelsen of The San Antonio Express-News has this report . You can freely access the full text of the article via Google . And Josh Gerstein of reports that " Court chilly to Barack Obama immigration moves ." This blog's earlier coverage of yesterday's Fifth Circuit oral...
Philosophy PhDs outside academe... The Atlantic.
"One virtue of appointing federal appellate judges to the Court is that these highly judicialized folk...
"After all, this is what circuit-court judges do every day: they study and apply what the Supreme Court has said about one legal issue or another. One problem, however, is that Supreme Court precedent can be dead wrong. Sometimes, in fact, it is baloney. And lower-court judges, who daily...
Burglar’s Serious Chutzpah
Talk about chutzpah . Check out this burglary, as reported by Sweden’s “The Local” and “Helsingborgs Dagblad” A thief in southern Sweden took time off during a weekend break-in to surf pornographic websites on a company computer … local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad...
What RFRA Hath Wrought-Part 2

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