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Throttling on Mobile Networks Is a Sign of Things to Come, Unless We Save Net Neutrality Now
Major mobile carriers are slowing down video streams, a net neutrality violation that heralds things to come if they get their way and roll back legal protections against data discrimination. Recent reports on Reddit from Verizon Wireless customers have drawn attention to video...
Politician Can’t Ban Constituent From Her Official Facebook Page–Davison v. Loudoun County...
This is a First Amendment social media case, where the plaintiff was banned for a 12 hour period from the defendant’s ostensibly official Facebook page. My prior blog post . Following a bench trial, the court finds in favor of plaintiff on his First Amendment claim. In other words, the...
CREATe Summer Summit 2017: Open Science, Open Culture & the Global South (and everything...
Former Intern Kat Eleanor Wilson attended the CREATe's inaugural seminar on the issue of openness in science, culture, and everything between. The relevancy of the topics considered warrant publishing Eleanor's summary of the event. IPKat readers may be familiar with the CREATe...
Silver Birch Genetics Explained
By Kevin E. Noonan -- A recent report in the scientific journal Nature Genetics 49: 904–12 (May 2017), doi:10.1038/ng.3862, disclosed the results of genomic DNA sequencing and analysis of Betula pendula, the silver birch tree. The report, entitled "Genome sequencing and...

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"Chancellor urges Dela. Supreme Court to change test for second-bite derivative suits"
Alison Frankel's "On the Case" from Thomson Reuters News & Insight has this post .
The most embarrassing thing about this CBS News puff piece isn't that it proclaims that "Hillary...
... the Introduction to her new memoir makes the statement "Now I'm letting my guard down." If NBC News cared about factual reporting, it would say "Hillary Clinton Claims She Is "Letting [Her] Guard Down' in Her New Memoir." Most of us won't believe that, and NBC must know that, so why would...
University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 67, Number 3 (Summer 2017)
University of Toronto Law Journal- Volume 67, Number 3 (Summer 2017) ARTICLES Deliberative freedoms and the asymmetric features of anti-discrimination law Colin Campbell, Dale Smith A right to deliberative freedom: Reply to Campbell and Smith Sophia Reibetanz Moreau...
Tirrell from U Mass/Boston to U Conn
Lynne Tirrell (philosophy of language, feminist philosophy, social-political philosophy, aesthetics), Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Univeristy of Massachussetts, Boston, has accepted an offer from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, where she will be Associate Professor of...
Chipotle’s Legal Woes Continue As Employees, Customers Fall Ill
Chipotle's Legal Woes Continue As Employees, Customers Fall Ill The post Chipotle’s Legal Woes Continue As Employees, Customers Fall Ill appeared first on Legal Reader .

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