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Climate Change Lobbyists Outnumbered
Marc Gunther published another very interesting article at the Guardian titled “In Washington, a handful of corporations lobby against climate change” . The article documents that most lobbyists in the United States are opposing meaningful policies to accelerated the switch away from fossil fuels...
LinkedIn’s “Reference Search” Service Doesn’t Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act–Sweet v. LinkedIn
Plaintiffs alleged that potential employers found references about them through LinkedIn’s Reference Searches functions, they were denied employment as a result, and thus LinkedIn violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. LinkedIn users, including prospective employers...
UAEM Grades US Universities On Research For Neglected Diseases. Spoiler Alert – There’s...
Universities play an enormous role in biomedical research in the United States, but are not doing all they can to advance research for neglected diseases or make their innovations available to people who need them most, the student groupUniversities Allied for Essential Medicines...
USPTO Offers Email Alerts  when Patent Applications Publish
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced the release of the  Patent Application Alert Service . This system provides customized, email alerts to the public for free when patent applications of interest are published. Additionally, the system offers direct access to the...

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You Messed With The Wrong Clerk
Dude, it’s not your money. Was it worth risking your life? Okay, don’t answer that since you look pretty good right now. How good would you have looked with a hole in your head? Seriously, just hand over the money. Even if you get fired, good things will happen! (See yesterday’s Juice...
Sea Smoke Sea Spray (Santa Rita Hills) 2011
For dinner tonight I made open face croque madames on savory cheese and chive waffles. For the waffles, I made up a half batch of Bob's Red Mill Organic 7 Grain Pancake & Waffle Mix , to which I... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and...
"Federal appeals court dismisses lawsuit in Border Patrol shooting of Juarez teen; Agent shot...
Daniel Borunda of The El Paso Times has this news update . And The Associated Press has a report headlined " Court: Family of teen shot across border can't sue in US ." You can access today's en banc ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit at this link .
It "May Appear to Some to Be a 'Rant' of Sorts"
In this Facebook post, Tamah Jada Clark, the author of the now-legendary pleading entitled "To F— This Court And Everything That It Stands For," expresses puzzlement as to why that pleading "has now, apparently, become a 'big deal.'" She also...                ...
Walter Scott and The Child Support System
In the blizzard of publicity surrounding the murder of Walter Scott, the unarmed African-American who was shot in the back as he ran from a routine traffic stop, the media has somewhat belatedly discovered the criminalization of child support enforcement. What it has yet to address fully is...

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