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TRIPS Council Debates: Tobacco Packaging, Non-Violation Disputes, Innovation, Health...
This week's meeting of the World Trade Organization body governing intellectual property issues addressed a long agenda, reflecting continued divergence on regular items, such as complaints that do not involve breach of a WTO agreement, a health waiver, and sustained discussions...
"Almost identical, just with different names": shopping at Aldi
"My first time at Aldi... Should we all be shopping there?" is an article by Felicity Hannah, posted on Yahoo!'s UK & Ireland Finance page with the byline "Our money saving columnist takes her first trip to a discounter to see what all the fuss is about".  The text in red, in the extract...
President and Fellows of Harvard College v. Lee (Fed. Cir. 2014)
By Kevin E. Noonan -- One of the most iconic inventions of the biotechnology era is the "Harvard Oncomouse" invented by Philip Leder and Timothy Stewart in the early 1980's. One of the first transgenic mice transformed with DNA encoding something other than a mammalian virus, these...
Three Spooky Ways You're Being Spied on This Halloween
It’s that time of year when people don sinister masks, spray themselves with fake blood, and generally go all out for a good fright. But here at EFF, we think there are plenty of real-world ghouls to last all year-round. Fortunately, we won’t let them hide under your bed. Sometimes our work...

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Boehner v. Obama Lawsuit in Limbo After Another Law Firm Drops Out
House Republicans say they haven't changed their minds about bringing a lawsuit against the Obama administration. The problem is, they're having trouble finding a law firm that will take the case to court.
Most People Don’t Really Want Gift Cards This Holiday Season
Videos of philosophers, psychologists, and theologians discussing different aspects of... Christian Miller's Character Project website. (Thanks to Prof. Miller for the pointer.)
"Rather than try to train their provosts and professors to act like prosecutors," Colleges are...
NPR reports: "The phone starts ringing, you know, the first day after Labor Day, and I sort of joke that I'm like legal 911," Perkins says. The schools are "stressed like you cannot believe," [said Djuna Perkins is a former prosecutor who is now an investigator-for-hire]. They would rather...
Starting Silicon Valley South? Atlanta Tech Village
Last week I visited Atlanta Tech Village, which opened last year in Buckhead and is founded and funded by David...

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