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The independence of the Boards of Appeal: Merpel roars again
Still troubled by goings-on at the European Patent Office There are many aspects of the recent events (See here  and links concerning the suspension of a member of the Board of Appeal, and here and links concerning the strikes and demonstrations) at the European Patent Office...
U.S. Patent 7,559,834: Dynamic join/exit of players during play of console-based video game
U.S. Patent 7,559,834: Dynamic join/exit of players during play of console-based video game Issued July 14, 2009, to Microsoft Summary: The ‘834 patent allows for people to join in or leave a game without having to restart the current session. The patent is exemplified most notably in...
Yeah, No Thanks Toast & Butter
John Scalzi posted (on his Whatever blog) a fairly sharp takedown of the copyright-grabbing policies of Web sites "The Toast" and its companion "The Butter". Writer Beware first brought up the issue and Scalzi verified that the Toast/Butter copyright grab notice is not even in their...
eBay Isn’t Liable for Selling Recalled Merchandise–Hinton v. Amazon
Photo credit: enameled house number two hundred and thirty // ShutterStock Due to Section 230, eBay generally isn’t liable when its merchants sell problematic goods. I believe the earliest ruling establishing this proposition is Stoner v. eBay , a 2000 case over bootleg recordings...

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Sure Sounds Like This Dallas County Judge Is Not Bringing Her “A” Game
Perhaps it’s time to attend some of those judicial conferences and retreats? Maybe pick up a few things?  As reported by The Dallas Morning New: Earlier this year, [Judge Etta] Mullin made news when she refused to allow an attorney into her courtroom because he was wearing...
Obama Issues Pardons and Commutations
President Obama issued 12 pardons and 8 sentence commutations today. Some of the commutations went to those serving life sentences under the old, unduly harsh crack cocaine guidelines. The full list is here. These are the first commutations... [[ This is a content summary only...
Fifth Circuit affirms denial of qualified immunity to Louisiana prison officials in lawsuit filed by...
You can access today's ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit at this link .
Goliath aka Google aka No Surprises in Hollywood versus Silicon Valley
This just in: Hollywood hates/fears/plots against Google! The Sony security breach and following leaks have yielded many insights, sort of. If anyone thought Hollywood executives were discrete, that was naive and now debunked. If anyone thought most people knew not to use...
British REF results 2014
A colleague in the UK sent me the key results for philosophy (reflecting the relationship between the quality of the submissions and the size of the faculty, which is what affects the financial contribution from the government to the university):...

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