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Views on Venue -- Take Two: Did the District of Delaware Get It Right?
By Andrew Williams -- We recently reported that Chief Judge Stark of the District of Delaware interpreted the second prong of the patent venue statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1400(b), in Bristol-Myers Squibb Company v. Mylan because the first prong was no longer applicable in view...
Energy Use Anti-Bitcoin Talking Point
Strategy analyst at National Grid US  “Mackaymiller” (I am not sure if some of that Twitter handle is a first name) has some questions for Bitcoin supporters. Why use all that PV to displace fossil fuels when you could just throw it away on bitcoin mining ? A currency that – by design – requires...
Debunking Some Myths About Section 230 and Sex Trafficking (Guest Blog Post)
By guest blogger Alex Levy [Eric’s introduction: Human trafficking expert Alex Levy is back, and this time, she busts some myths about the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 (“SESTA”). Like my post this morning, her post was written before last week’s Senate hearing, and some...
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MARQUES CLASS 46 (Trade Marks) Jeremy Phillips receives Goldring Award Earlier this week IPKat founder and longtime contributor, as well as Class 46 founder and MARQUES Social Media Coordinator, Jeremy Phillips (right) 😍😍😍, was presented with the second...

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Turley And Yoo To Debate Surveillance Laws At Constitution Day Event
“Starbucks robber to sue customer”
“A man who is accused of trying to rob a Fresno, California Starbucks plans to sue a customer who stopped him for using excessive force. Fresno police called the customer a ‘courageous hero’ for his actions and did not charge Cregg Jerri for his actions.” Jerri wrested the knife from Ryan...
"Supreme Court has option to duck travel ban ruling"
Lawrence Hurley of Reuters has this report .
The Struggle Is Real
We’ve made great advances in recent years in Canada in examining mental health in the legal profession, and prior, in law school. In large part this can be attributed to Orlando da Silva, former President of the Ontario Bar Association, who used his term as the head of the largest legal...
Classic liberal manipulation: Creating the fear that you will be thought of as uncaring.
1. CTE: bad. 2. Threat to free expression: also bad. Althouse doesn't care about brains or freedom; anything that annoys liberals: good. — Mark A.R. Kleiman (@MarkARKleiman) September 24, 2017 This is particularly effective used against women. I will never...

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