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Appeals Court: Accepting Lawyer’s Prove-me-Wrong Challenge Does not Form a...
shutterstock / orgus88: A old wanted posters / Vector wanted poster image This is a great case where a defense lawyer made a passing statement that his client could not have committed a murder he was charged with due to the sheer impossibility of traveling logistics. The Defendant...
At WIPO, Study On Copyright Exceptions Stimulates Broad Discussion With Author
During the recent meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee, a study was presented on exceptions and limitations to copyright for libraries and archives at the national level. The presentation spurred a full day of discussion about how to ensure libraries can...
A Kat's 2014 Copyright Awards
It's Katwards day! With the holidays and end of the year quickly approaching, it seems about time to think of what has been and what will be next in the world of the greatest IP right,  ie  copyright.  Like  last year , this Kat has decided to review the copyright year...
In re BRCA1- and BRCA2-based Hereditary Cancer Test Patent Litigation (Fed. Cir. 2014)
By Kevin E. Noonan -- In a decision that will surprise no one (written by Judge Dyk, which made the conclusions foregone from the first page of the opinion), the Federal Circuit today affirmed the Utah District Court's decision denying Myriad Genetics' motion for a preliminary...

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Gym Business Models Depend On You Being Too Lazy To Work Out
"My thriftiness overwhelmed my modesty, and I removed my T-shirt, stripped off my briefs and...
"If it was hard to buy produce without clothing and with a poor command of the language, it was more difficult to return it. Perhaps the poignant sight of a flat-chested, middle-aged American woman seeking to buy a voluptuous French melon melted the icy heart of the clerk. She found...
Million Dollar Reward Case Over
A claim to $1 million for meeting a lawyer’s dare made on Dateline NBC is now dead. The case is over thanks to an opinion, by Judge Wilson for the 11th Circuit, that will be in the next editions of all Contracts casebooks: it  provides a comprehensive, careful and contestable treatment of...
Appeals Court Finds Gun Ban for Committed Man Unconstitutional
In the first legal ruling of its type, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati on Thursday deemed unconstitutional a federal law that kept a Michigan man who was briefly committed to a mental institution decades ago from owning a gun.
PhD applications at CUNY Grad Center accepted until January 15, 2015
Stephen Neale (CUNY) asked that we post this: Due to miscommunication, two different deadlines for applications for admission to the PhD program at The CUNY Graduate Center have appeared online: December 15 (posted by the administration) and January 15 (posted...

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