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U.S. Patent No. 6,926,608: Recording medium storing three-dimensional image processing...
U.S. Patent No. 6,926,608: Recording medium storing three-dimensional image processing program, three-dimensional image processing program, method and device Issued Aug. 8, 2005, to Konami Summary: The ‘608 patent describes a system used in sports games where...
The politics of US patent law reform
This weblog has carried so much material concerning patent law in Europe that one might almost be forgiven for assuming that everything has gone quiet in the world's favourite market for innovation and patent litigation -- the United States -- and that some of the most colourful...
Brazil’s Internet Legal Framework Regulation And Draft Bill For Privacy Law Public Consultation
On 28 January 2015, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice launched public consultations involving two key pieces of legislation, namely: the decree that will regulate the Marco Civil da Internet or the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (the "Internet Legal Framework"); and the Draft...
Gilead Sciences, Inc. v. Lee (Fed. Cir. 2015)
Filing of IDS after Response to Restriction Requirement Constitutes Failure to Engage in Reasonable Efforts to Conclude Prosecution By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, in Gilead Sciences, Inc. v. Lee, the Federal Circuit affirmed the decision by the District Court for the Eastern District of...

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"Jury selected in Tsarnaev trial"
Patricia Wen and Milton J. Valencia of The Boston Globe have this news update .
Chase Hit With $50 Million Settlement Over Robosigned Mortgage Documents
ROUNDUP Law and Humanities 03. 03. 2015
Douglas Coulson, Assistant Professor of English at Carnegie-Mellon, is publishing a new blog in the area of law and the humanities: Nostrum remedium. Its tagline is “Miscellany on law, narrative, art, and memory.” Professor Coulson is particularly interested in legal rhetoric; his...
Fixing Law Review Submissions
Redyip has returned, and by virtue of my new role as Associate Dean for Faculty Development, I'm more interested than...
Health-Care Law Arguments: A Big Battle Over Four Words
The key question for Supreme Court justices who will listen to the latest challenge to the 2010 health care act: What is meant by “established by the state”?

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