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Global Coal Renaissance
That’s the most important climate change story today, according to Brad Plumer writing at Vox . As proof he shows this graph about how the energy mix developed over the last 50 years. Coal is the grey part at the bottom. It is true. Sadly, coal use is growing over that period. So are oil and...
EFF 25th Anniversary Minicon Preview
We're just days away from celebrating EFF's 25th anniversary in San Francisco on Thursday, July 16. The day will start with a minicon examining the past, present, and future of digital rights and end with a great party . We hope you can join us ! The minicon will take place at DNA...
USPTO Implements Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot Program
Lewis Craft Officially announced in a Federal Register Notice on June 15, 2015, the USPTO has implemented the Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot Program in order to curb the backlog of ex parte patent appeals. Currently, the average time for a decision to be reached on an ex parte appeal...
A Raíz de la Filtración de Hacking Team, EFF y Grupos de Sociedad Civil en Latinoamérica...
La comunidad de seguridad digital ha estado reaccionando esta semana a documentos filtrados de la empresa de vigilancia italiana Hacking Team. Los materiales, que incluyen listas de contratos y propuestas de venta a algunos de los peores regímenes autoritarios...

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"Senate clears first circuit judge nominee of 2015"
The Hill has a blog post that begins, "The Senate approved its first circuit judge nomination of the year on Tuesday.

 Senators voted 95-0 on Kara Stoll's nomination to be a U.S. circuit court judge for the federal circuit, making her the first Latina to be approved for the court.

Two lateral hires for New Mexico: Hazlett from Edinburgh, McRae from Oklahoma
Neither are coming in with tenure, but both are quite far along in terms of publications and experience for untenured faculty. I would imagine both are likely candidates for tenure before long.
"Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been stripped of the welterweight world title he won after beating...
If that 's true, then Mayweather is quite a hot-headed stickler for rules.
Mylan's other securities law problem
The front page of today's WSJ featured a story about Mylan NV's failure to disclose a potential conflict of interest...
Blogging Federal Judge Says Ted Cruz ‘Not Fit to be President’
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz raised eyebrows with his idea of giving voters the power to oust Supreme Court justices from the bench. One federal judge says he's so offended by the Texas senator's proposal that he thinks it should disqualify him from the White House.

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