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FCBA Webcast on Trade Secrets
The Corporate Counsel Committee of the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA) will be offering a webcast entitled "Trade Secrets -- A Primer For Practitioners" on December 4, 2015 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm (EST). Charles Matson, Senior Counsel – Innovation, Procter & Gamble will...
Court of Appeal dismisses Rovi's claim construction attempt in battle with Virgin
Identification or information signals go unnoticed by the AmeriKat "Interactive special events video signal navigation system".  If those collection of words don't get you excited, then you probably have not been following the Rovi v Virgin Media litigation.  Yesterday...
New Text For Proposed WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Now Available
The chair of the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee has issued a new consolidated text on definitions, what should be protected, and the rights to be granted to broadcasters. The text comes in the lead-up to the next meeting of the committee.
Stronger Locks, Better Security
What if, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, or cybersecurity attacks on companies and government agencies, the FBI had come to the American people and said: In order to keep you safe, we need you to remove all the locks on your doors and windows and replace them...

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Like fairness? You’ll love the new command economy
“Don’t teach women how to negotiate. Just ban salary negotiations altogether.” [ Nora Caplan-Bricker, Slate ] Tags: sex discrimination Like fairness? You’ll love the new command economy is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system
Did you buy anything on Black Friday?
I didn't. Meade went to Whole Foods and bought some cheese curds and other normal items. I did contemplate buying a ping pong table . How much space at either end do you really need? I'm seeing 5 feet, which means you need a 19 foot room. But we'll also wheel it outdoors...
Saturday College Football Open Thread
Here's how my CFB year has gone - I could hit all 19 games I picked today and I'd still be under .500. I'm a bit better on the money side as I've done decently with my larger plays, but basically a disaster. But bowl season comes soon and a winning... [[ This is a content summary...
Controversial Leonard Peltier Art Now Displayed In Grocery Store
Interview: Paul Moke on Earl Warren — The man & his measure
I had the pleasure of doing a Q & A over at SCOTUSblog with Professor Paul Moke in connection with his new biography of Earl Warren. You can access the interview here.

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