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Endoscope and remedial scope: inside view of an application for summary judgment
"They don't like it up'em!" was the famous line delivered by Corporal Jones (right) in the popular BBC television comedy Dad's Army ( here and here ).  Jonesy's refrain was referring to bayonets but nowadays, when most folk rarely encounter a bayonet outside a war museum, those words...
International Copyright Law: 2014 in Review
Copyright law remains just as broken in 2014 as it was in 2013, but some countries have been tinkering around the edges of copyright this year in an attempt to address its flaws. The United Kingdom stands out as a country where the need for copyright reform has been comprehensively...
Season's Greetings from Patent Docs
The authors and contributors of Patent Docs wish their readers and families a Happy Holidays. Publication of Patent Docs will resume on December 26th.
Web Encryption Gets Stronger and More Widespread: 2014 in Review
At the close of 2013, we made a wish for the upcoming year: With revelations of the NSA's unlawful and unjust data interception programs snooping on much of the critical infrastructure of the Internet still fresh in our minds, one of our big holiday wishes was for 2014 to be the year of web...

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Food and beverage roundup
Why British pubs are in decline [ new Institute of Economic Affairs report from Christopher Snowdon ] After legal battle with chicken chain, Vermont man wins “Eat More Kale” trademark [ AP , earlier here , etc.] “Why D.C. Breweries Say They’re Drowning In Red Tape” [ Rebecca Sheir...
Just Say “No”
Sure, the First Amendment permits you to yell at police officers, and even flip them off . But in most cases, they’re doing their job, and doing it within the law. And even when they’re not, you should consider your own circumstances before opening your yap. As reported by The Northwest...
"The Best Lawyers Money Can Buy"
Friday's edition of The New York Times will contain an editorial that begins, "The United States Supreme Court decides cases involving the nation's most pressing legal issues, affecting the daily lives of hundreds of millions of Americans -- and yet so much about its functioning is...
At the Too Many Pillows Café...
... something, someone ... is out of reach.
Christmas Day Open Thread
Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy the day and your time with your families and friends. Regardless of your religion, Christmas is a special holiday. A big snowstorm just arrived here. I'm staying in, listening to KSPN Aspen on my Sonos, and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website...

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