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Funcionarios de comercio firmaron el TPP, pero depende de los legisladores el rechazarlo
Altos funcionarios de los países que participan del Tratado Trans-Pacífico (TPP en inglés) se han convocado en Nueva Zelanda esta semana para firmar el acuerdo final. Pero en realidad esta ceremonia es simplemente una formalidad. Desde noviembre del año pasado, desde el día que...
Vision, Urgency Of UN High-Level Panel On Access To Medicines Begins To Take Shape
NEW YORK -- It came as a surprise to some when the United Nations Secretary General’s office announced in November the setting up of a high level panel to urgently address access to medicines and other health technologies. After all, UN agencies in Geneva, most...
Star Wars: Good or bad for movie myth-making?
Software aside, copyright protection is seldom viewed as a means for acquiring market leadership in content-creation industries. Truth be told, the treatment of such a clearly functional creation as software as a literary work has always required a bit of analytical sleight-of-hand. In any event...
Illumina Cambridge Ltd. v. Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2016)
By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit affirmed a decision of obviousness, and that a patentee not be able to amend claims in an inter partes review proceeding, in an opinion handed down January 29th in Illumina Cambridge Ltd. v. Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc. The opinion (or rather...

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Saturday Open Thread
There's another GOP Debate tonight. I'm not wtching. The Super Bowl is tomorrow and probably won;t watch that either but that's cuz I'm really work busy. I'm a big Cam fan so pulling for anthers. Open Thread. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content...
Washington State Patrol’s Top Diva Busts A Move
On the whole, better not publish
Unions flex muscle against Ohio Democratic legislative hopeful Ben Lindy over his student research for the Yale Law Journal, which found that teacher collective bargaining did not have uniformly favorable effects on student achievement [ Max Kennerly , Cincinnati Enquirer...
"Can Cruz legally be president? Ivy League scholars debate."
The Associated Press has this report . And at "Balkinization," Jack Balkin has a post titled " Federalist Society Debate on Ted Cruz's Eligibility to be President ." The video of yesterday's debate can be accessed on YouTube via this link .
Regental Committee recommends new tenure policies to full Wisconsin Board of Regents
The latest here. Comments open for more links, opinions, analysis.

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