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Monday miscellany
It is with sadness that the IPKat records the death of Peter Low. Peter, a European and UK patent attorney with Wilson, Gunn M'Caw till his retirement in 1997, has the unenviable record of having given tutorials for the UK patent attorney qualifying examinations for over twenty years, as well has...
EFF Launches Updated Know Your Rights Guide
If the police come knocking at your door, the constitution offers you some protection. But the constitution is just a piece of paper— if you don’t know how to assert your rights. And even if you do assert your rights…what happens next? That answer may seem complicated, but protecting...
Free as in Open Access and Wikipedia
Between October 20 and 26, EFF is celebrating Open Access Week alongside dozens of organizations from around the world. This is a week to acknowledge the wide-ranging benefits of enabling open access to information and research—as well as exploring the...
Art & Law in Chicago
Our friends at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago sent me an announcement for their 6th Annual Symposium that is taking place in a couple weeks. The theme this time is "Art Meets Law: The Intersection of Art and Intellectual Property" and features filmmaker and political critic...

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AMERICAN SCHOOLS ARE TRAINING KIDS FOR A WORLD THAT DOESN’T EXIST. But there’s exciting new stuff happening. Do tell.
GM Ignition Switch Death Claims Inch Higher Again; 29 Deaths Now Tied To Decade-Old Defect
Judges in China Are Quitting in Droves
Judges in China are quitting in droves, fed up by heavy caseloads, low professional standards, bad pay and government interference, according to former judges, legal scholars and state media reports.
Paths to Success: As Varied as the Lawyers Who Follow Them
“Diversity” describes the characteristics of a group. When we examine how diversity influences the profession as a whole, it’s easy to lose sight of the experience of being an individual lawyer, with specific identity characteristics, practising law in Ontario. While cultural sensitivity benefits...

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