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It is time for the IPKat's tour of IP around the web! [Week 5-11 February] Let's first focus on copyright . Can You Copyright a Pose? In the past, this question has already been dealt with in case-law but Michael Risch (Written Description Blog) analyses a case where the question is...
Who's in Charge Here? Or Is the PTAB Bound by USPTO Guidances?
By Kevin E. Noonan -- In a decision from an appeal before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board following rejection of claims to an isolated nucleic acid apparently (to applicants) falling within the scope of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Guidance setting forth Office policy for implementing the...
The Moral Case Against “Bitcoin Cash”
Most people opposed to the “Bitcoin Cash” project are critical of their hijacking the brand name. There is no trademark protection available for the term “Bitcoin”. That means that anyone is free to call their unrelated project “Bitcoin” and there is nothing anyone can do about it with...
"FREE from Chains!": Eskinder Nega is Released from Jail
Eskinder Nega , one of Ethiopia's most prominent online writers, winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom in 2014, the International Press Institute's World Press Freedom Hero for 2017, and PEN International's 2012 Freedom to Write Award, has been finally set free. Eskinder is greeted by...

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UnitedHealth Continues to Contest Claims Made By Justice Department
UnitedHealth Continues to Contest Claims Made By Justice Department The post UnitedHealth Continues to Contest Claims Made By Justice Department appeared first on Legal Reader .
"Michael Moore participated in anti-Trump rally allegedly organized by Russians" (Fox News). (If that link fails, I'm going to have to stop linking to Fox News.) The post title is a witting allusion to the latest indictment in the Mueller investigation. And let me quote Trump's best tweet one...
Stroud from McGill to North Carolina
Sarah Stroud (ethics), Professor of Philosophy at McGill University, has accepted appointment as Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Parr Center for Ethics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill beginning in the 2018-19 academic year.
An Ethical Jury? Reflections on the Acquittal of Gerald Stanley for the Murder/Manslaughter of...
We understand the ethical duties of lawyers and judges in a criminal trial – what they ought to do, what their office requires of them. Sure, we argue about the details (e.g., me on prosecutors ), but in general we know what defence lawyers, prosecutors and judges ought to do. Yet as...
Housing roundup
“One year ago, Portland enacted inclusionary zoning. One year later, “apartment construction in Portland has fallen off a cliff.”” [ @michael_hendrix citing Dirk VanderHart, Portland Mercury ] Better policy is to focus on building supposedly unaffordable housing [ Scott Sumner ] Intractable...

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