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New Record for Wind Installations in Germany
As Spiegel and many others report , the German Wind Energy Association BWE has announced figures for 2014. They are a new record 4.75 GW, breaking the 12 year old record of 2002 (3.2 GW) . That sounds like good news, and it is. The bad news is that much of that is built by people...
Battle Over Google Subpoena Threatens Critical Online Free Speech Protections
Federal Law Blocks Extraordinary and Burdensome Subpoena San Francisco - A high-profile battle over whether Google must respond to an unusual and dangerous subpoena raises fundamental concerns about federal free speech law and the protections it affords hosts of online...
IP Rights Must Remain Distinct From Fake Medicines Policy At WHO, Members Warn
Intellectual property issues emerged at the World Health Organization Executive Board today as members discussed fake and substandard medicines, with some countries saying that the fight against such medicines should not serve as a pretext to enforce intellectual...
One Is Not Enough, How Many Is Too Many? How Many Countries’ Copyright Laws Should and...
By   Marketa Trimble Photo credit: Copyright world map // ShutterStock By now, activities on the internet should have generated a very large number of cases in which copyright owners claimed simultaneous infringements of their copyrights in multiple countries – claims based on the...

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Questionable Police Tactic, Even If Legal
Yes, what we as a society want is for people not to trust police officers. That’ll foster a great police/citizen relationship. This ruse used by police in Ohio will not only undermine the ordinary citizen’s trust in the police, it won’t do jack in the “war on drugs.” As reported by The...
"Walker touted a Wisconsin-centric, meat-and-potatoes, small-government...
Writes Joshua Green at Bloomberg, quoting Scott Walker saying: “As much as I love coming here, I love going home even more,” Walker said, calling Washington “68 square miles surrounded by reality.” And it's just so laughably obvious that Green doesn't know the old line about...
Pharrell Williams Camp Ridicules "Desperate" Appeal Bid in 'Blurred Lines' Lawsuit
Is the future of the copyright at stake? One side plays up the stakes; the other scoffs. read more
Toshiba Quits U.S. TV Market, Licenses Name To Taiwan’s Compal
How tort and shareholder litigation impedes medical innovation by biotech startups
Standish Fleming makes the case. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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