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Women in IP leadership roles: MIP responds
Last week, in "A woman's place is in ... the lead: thoughts on an upcoming IP Forum", here , the IPKat reviewed a forthcoming International Women's Leadership Forum on Intellectual Property and asked some fairly simple questions about women's leadership and the role of...
Court Report
By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Tris Pharma Inc. v. Par Pharmaceutical Inc. et al. 1:15-cv-00068; filed January 21, 2015 in the District Court of Delaware • Plaintiff: Tris Pharma Inc. • Defendants: Par...
The Year Ahead In Internet Governance: Of Competing Institutions, IANA Transition, And A...
For many years Electronic Frontier Foundation Policy Analyst Jeremy Malcolm has been predicting the next year would be the pivotal year for the UN-led Internet Governance Forum (IGF). With the NetMundial Initiative being constructed these coming months and governments...
News Flash! Exxon Patents Selling Energy!
Here's an odd one.   With all of the concern about patents on business methoods run amok, and patent trolls patenting the mere application of age old ideas on the Internet, with the intense scrutiny that that USPTO appears to have placed on business methods patents, including the...

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Study: One Out Of Four Sports Fans Believe God Chooses Winners In Sporting Events
Colorado cake clash controversy
No, that “bake me an anti-gay cake” guy in Denver has no legal case. Now back to real issues [ Volokh , our coverage of conflict between bake-my-cake lawsuits and individual liberty] Tweet Tags: discrimination law Colorado cake clash controversy is a post from Overlawyered...
Noisy Nancy Very Displeased With Neighbor And Johnny Law
“Um, excuse me. Could you please keep it down?” Fuhgeddaboutit. Ain’t nobody quieting this lady down. As reported by The Star-Ledger at A 47-year-old Hackettstown woman went on a rampage and was arrested when police arrived at her house to check into a noise...
How to Get a Gold Star From the DEA
The infamous Flores twins of Chicago will finally be sentenced Tuesday. Some background on twin brothers Pedro and Margarito Flores, is in this Chicago Reader article. The Government filed its sentencing memorandum a few weeks ago, which I have... [[ This is a content...
"Justice Ginsburg Will Receive Radcliffe Medal in May"
This article will appear in Monday's edition of The Harvard Crimson.

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