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By Donald Zuhn -- USPTO and INPI Establish PPH Pilot Program On November 23, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Brazil's National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot...
Toxic Species
"To be sure, it is well-settled that a narrow species can be non-obvious and patent eligible despite a patent on its genus. An earlier disclosure of a genus does not necessarily prevent patenting a species member of the genus. But that is not the situation here." ~ CAFC in...
A Deeper Look Inside the PECB, Pakistan’s Terrible Cyber-Crime Bill
The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (PECB) has received harsh criticism inside and outside of Pakistan since its radical re-drafting in April of this year. A coalition of Pakistan’s leading online rights groups and businesses warned the current version, written with no input from legal...
Bulk Call Details Records Collection Ends: What that Means
The NSA’s collection en masse of the call detail records of millions of ordinary Americans ended quietly at midnight November 29. The bulk collection was phased out after a 180-day transition period provided for in the USA FREEDOM Act. The USA FREEDOM Act was signed by...

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"I never wanted to stick out for looking different in a bad way. I didn’t mind being modest, but I...
"I think we’ve pioneered an understanding of modesty that’s not necessarily in the black-and-white rules. Five years ago, women only wore dresses and skirts... We’re teaching people who are interested in modesty in general that there’s no one way to be modest. There are so many...
Law Firms [Slowly] in Transition
Altman Weil recently released its annual review of law firms and the challenges they face, entitled Law Firms in Transition . There have already been a number of thoughtful comments about it, including the following: Stop the AI madness , by Ryan McClead at 3 Geeks GCs Now Do...
6th annual 3Quarks Daily philosophy blogging prize
John Collins (Columbia) will be the judge. Abbas Raza tells me this may be the last one, so now's your chance for fame and fortune! Nominations are open.
Here comes the fantasy-sports litigation
Game of skill, or game of chance? “The [class-action] suit, filed in Manhattan federal court on behalf of FanDuel and DraftKings players nationwide, accuses Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other defendants of participating in a racketeering scheme to facilitate illegal gambling...
Climate Change Conference
Climate change. The New York Times has this report. On the car radio yesterday, all the nay-saying pundits wanted to do was link it to terrorism. I learned nothing except what a waste of time it is to listen to cable news. Here's a thread to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for...

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