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Why Shouldn't Copyright Be Infinite?
The following is a guest post from Eric Crampton, Head of Research at the New Zealand Initiative, who previously served as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Economics & Finance at the University of Canterbury. Australia National University’s Dr. George...
Amendments to CISA "Cybersecurity" Bill Fail in All Regards
Although grassroots activism has dealt it a blow, the Senate Intelligence Committee's Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) keeps shambling along like the zombie it is. In July, Senator McConnell vowed to hold a final vote on the bill before Congress left for its six-week long summer...
Did Kendall And Kylie Jenner Know Outcome Of Their Domain Dispute Before Filing At WIPO?
Teens are way out front when it comes to tech stuff and the internet. So it's totally not surprising that American teen tv stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner announced winning their domain name disputes even before the disputes were filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The...
Why Create?
The whole point of creating is affecting other people. In a short piece on John Scalzi's "Whatever" blog, author, actor, and publisher Felicia Day comments on her new book You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) . Scalzi runs these pieces often, inviting authors with newly published...

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"Kim Davis cites God, crowd jeers gay couple"
The Louisville Courier-Journal has a news update that begins, "Defying the Supreme Court, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said she was acting 'under God's authority' as she continued to deny marriage licenses Tuesday to gay couples, whose lawyers filed a motion to find her in...
A county clerk in Kentucky won't issue marriage licenses to interracial couples!
Shocking, but not in America. And, OK, it's only a tad more complicated. But I'm optimistic she's either out of job or going to jail, and soon. God Bless America!
Rules bent, Carly's in.
"CNN reevaluated its criteria and decided to add a provision that better reflects the state of the race since the first Republican presidential debate in August. Now, any candidate who ranks in the top 10 in polling between August 6 and September 10 will be included."
Kmart Pays $1.4 Million To Settle Accusations Of Illegal Coupon Acceptance, Prescription Incentives
Uber Driver Lawsuit Just Got a Lot Bigger
In a case that could potentially upend Uber's business model, a federal judge in California said a labor lawsuit against the ride-hailing company over how it classifies and pays its drivers can proceed as a class action.

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